The Sinclair Group is a general contracting company based in Tampa, Florida, specializing in commercial construction. The main emphasis of our firm is corporate and industrial build-to-suits, renovation projects and the build-out of commercial interiors. In addition to the commercial work, we offer the expertise of developing and constructing high-end residential projects. Most of our work is performed on a design-build basis or as part of an owner’s project team.

Our tag line is "Quality, Service and Integrity", and it is with each of these components that we build our business and our relationships. Building relationships is truly what we undertake when we work on a client’s specific project. Understanding the fact that the finished product is what everyone is after, we build relationships along the way. Building relationships with our client, the lender, the architect, the engineer, subcontractors, suppliers - the entire project team - that work together to deliver the completed job.

At The Sinclair Group, we build buildings, renovate structures, build-out interiors and construct high-end residential properties. We also build relationships. And we believe that you can not successfully build one, without building the other.

Quality at its highest level is the common goal for everyone at The Sinclair Group. Working within the established budget, it is our objective to deliver to each client a project in which we all may take pride.

Service is vitally important to our clients and our business. From budget preparation and construction activities, to punchlist completion and action on warranty items, it is essential that each of our clients receive a prompt and detailed response. We understand the importance of making service an integral part of our daily routine.

Integrity. We take it seriously and are committed to treating all of our team members with a very high degree of integrity. Certainly we understand the importance of having integrity when we deal with our clients, but we choose not to stop there. Subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, government workers, lenders and all other individuals and firms we deal with are treated with a very high degree of integrity.